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Explore the capabilities of Huawei’s FusionSolar LUNA2000-200kWh energy storage system. For those needing comprehensive technical details to fulfill client requirements or expert support to ensure smooth system planning and installation, we offer the resources you need.

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The newly launched Huawei LUNA2000-200kWh energy storage system presents unique opportunities and challenges for commercial and industrial PV installers. Due to its recent introduction, there is a scarcity of information, which complicates the ability of installers to confidently sell, plan, and execute projects. As an official distributor, we provide exclusive access to comprehensive documentation and training materials, ensuring that the LUNA2000-200kWh is installed only by certified professionals from Huawei’s official installer list, such as SolarKit.


The Fusionsolar LUNA2000-200kWh energy storage system by Huawei is part of their Smart String Energy Storage System (ESS) series, designed for industrial and commercial applications

The product sets itself apart from other energy storage solutions in several key ways, making it a compelling choice in the energy storage market, ideal for optimizing energy management and ensuring reliable power supply. 

The LUNA2000-200kWh integrates multiple layers of safety mechanisms, including protections against overloading, overcurrent, overheating, and short circuits. It also features advanced fire protection and DC overvoltage protection, ensuring the system operates safely and reliably under various conditions.

The LUNA2000-200kWh is designed to meet high energy demands with its impressive storage capacity and power output. It ensures that businesses can reliably store and utilize energy, addressing both peak demands and fluctuations in renewable energy supply.

Equipped with cutting-edge algorithms and machine learning capabilities, this system intelligently manages and optimizes energy usage. Each battery pack operates with an independent management system, ensuring efficient energy utilization and extending the battery’s lifespan.

The system’s modular architecture provides high flexibility, making it easy to install and adjust according to your energy requirements. This design allows for scalability, enabling businesses to expand or reduce storage capacity as needed, ensuring a tailored energy solution.

With an efficiency rate exceeding 98.5%, the LUNA2000-200kWh maximizes the effectiveness of stored energy. The system includes smart air cooling and AI-driven state-of-charge calibration, enhancing its performance and reliability even in diverse environmental conditions​.

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